Our goal is to create beautiful, extraordinary and unique products!

In 2015, I started printing Tshirts for myself - just for fun, but then quickly realized that friends and acquaintances liked my Tshirts and I printed more and gave some away, some of which I sold at cost. The demand has increased and I 'created' more motifs - most 'David Bowie inspired', some abstract, some very recognizable. I duly registered a trade and voilà, here is my shop!

Cushion covers, cotton bags, a KIDS line, as well the range of my wife with NB EARTHLINGWEAR were added to our repertoire.

For a long time I liked to make things myself - for example, soaps, 'David Bowie-inspired masks' or art from a variety of materials, which I summarize under the title 'Structures'.

A collaborator and partner of my shop is the South Tyrolean artist Herbert Lampacher - his works of art in solid bronze or marble, his woodcut prints, as well as motifs on my Tshirts of original woodcuts expand the variety of jdb.production.

My wife is now a big part of our business - NB EarthlingWear - with her hand-sewn and individually designed creations of Face Masks, Bandana Bibs, Coats and Skirts and all, she adds to the vast varietey of our upcycled, handmade and individual and unique products.

The dutch-german Artists-Duo 'ND KUNST' - founded in August 2019 - expands our collection with handmade, David Bowie-inspired jewellery and little gadgets! Check it out!!!

jdb.production is a young and ambitious label and is characterized by the creative diversity of its products.

There is always something new to discover - there is something for everyone!

Have fun browsing !!! We are looking forward to your visit!